Analyzing Instagram feeds of those trying to reach a similar audience as you are is important to growing on social media and as a photographer. I’ve always found Marina Williams to be a huge inspiration in my own photography, so I tend to look at her posts the most.

Don’t be afraid to research those you find successful and to analyze the design of an Instagram post. Here’s one I did recently from Marina Williams

Note: I did not take any of these pictures. They are screenshots of an original post NOT done by me and do not represent the quality of her work. These screenshots are merely being used for an academic purpose.

Introduction to an Instagram Post

MJ Creative Works Analysis on Marina William's Instagram Post

MJ Creative Works Analysis on Marina William’s Instagram Post

Marina Williams is a Salt Lake City-based photographer who teaches her followers photography. People can also pay for her online classes called “Made to make.” In this post, she has this picture, and when you swipe to the right she has a preview video of the online class she teaches. Her audience and mine are very similar. We both are searching for young females wanting to get into photography.

Her goals are a little different than mine though, in that she actually has a photography business and wants to make money off teaching people photography. For now, I just want to create positive vibes for my audience. I also have a little broader of an audience in that I want to reach all females with entrepreneurial goals, not just with photography. She connects to the audience well though, through educating and giving a sneak peek so they want more. She uses the seascape principles through her captions especially. She grabs the audiences’ attention with a little info and invites her audience to learn more.

Analyzing an Instagram Post’s Design


She’s kind of using the rule of thirds to bring attention to her model. Still, the first thing you see is her face and eyes, and you’re not quite distracted by the text even though you know it’s there because of how she placed the model on the lines. I think by keeping the model at the center of the frame also naturally draws the audience’s attention to the model and then the words.

MJ Creative Works Analyzing an Instagram post composition

MJ Creative Works Analyzing an Instagram post composition


With more handwritten typography, Marina keeps things more organic and relatable. It is like her audience is peering into her personal photography notes about lighting. Through this specific kind of typography — ­and honestly I would believe it if this was actually her handwriting — she creates a personal connection with her audience. Almost like we are all friends.

MJ Creative Works Analyzing an Instagram post typography

MJ Creative Works Analyzing an Instagram post typography


Marina creates different colors with her shadows and highlights on this image. Not only does that create contrast, but it keeps the image interesting. There are many different colors that contrast, but they’re still kept pretty neutral, appealing to her audience more as a whole. People consider neutral colors safe. So Marina is creating a safe learning environment for her audience by using these colors.

MJ Creative Works Analyzing an Instagram post Color

MJ Creative Works Analyzing an Instagram post Color

Conclusion to analyzing an Instagram Post

All of these elements for Marina because she uses them consistently. Her audience isn’t surprised when she implements certain things with composition, color and typography, they’re impressed because they follow her brand. They work together to define an organic and personal experience for her audience as well as something that is structured. Something that has a point as shown with the composition, color and typography. Altogether they uphold the standards of Marina William’s brand.