I really wanted to try things I’ve never tried before with this indoor product photography. For me, that meant finding “boring” objects and making them interesting with how I posed them and framed lighting. It was certainly a challenge.


Salt and Pepper Shakers Posing and Photoshop

Let me take you through the photoshop process for the Salt and Pepper Shaker product. I started off with the image below.

Product photograph of salt and pepper shakers by Merritt J. Jones

Product photograph of salt and pepper shakers by Merritt J. Jones

I ended up hating how the while pillow looked, so I decided to try some Photoshop magic. After duplicating the background layer, I selected the salt and pepper shakers and created a separate layer with just them without a background. I created another background layer with the same picture above, rotated it 180% and increased the size until it covered up the pillow portion of the background. I ended up with something like this.

Photoshoped commercial image of salt and pepper shakers by Merritt J. Jones

Photoshopped commercial image of salt and pepper shakers by Merritt J. Jones

With how I photoshopped it, I think the background of this commercial photograph looks a lot more crisp and bright. Next time I think I will try using multiple lights to complete this look.

Next is my converse set up. I ended up taking this image with a 55-200mm lens — long story short, I am quarantining and couldn’t pick up a different camera or lens and that one happened to be the only one on me — so I had to get pretty creative with this in Photoshop. If you read about my Scanography, I used the same technique of combining four different images to create a larger frame. Much like the scanography, I had to go beyond the four initial layers in order to piece things together and make everything look seamless. Here’s what I ended up with.

Converse product shot taken by Merritt J. Jones

Converse product shot taken by Merritt J. Jones

Indoor Product Lighting

I used a single speed light for both images, placing it right in front of the product I took a picture of. I used a high light power for both as well. I believe 1/16. There wasn’t a lot of natural light for either image, but the speed light did a good enough job.

I positioned the light right in front of the object and shot pretty close to where the light was just to reduce the length of shadow the products created. Here is my setup shot:

Sertup shot for indoor product photography

Setup shot for indoor product photography

I hated that you could see my ugly kitchen in the background, so I tried to create a white background with a white pillow from our bed. Then I placed the products on white poster board.

The converse commercial shot was a little more complicated. I probably spent the better part of an hour taping together several newspapers until I had something big enough that would hang over my shower. I used curtain rods from our room to hang the newspapers off of and tore a hole in the middle. I secured those flaps with tape and had my husband stand in the shower and hold the shoe product up so you could see the brand. It was very different, but I like the composition it created. Unfortunately, I don’t have a setup shot for that one.