These images were taken on the side of a windy road in the Teton National Forest. It rained most of the day, but we decided to venture in for some pictures of a small little waterfall anyway. It ended up being a great opportunity for some product shots. Let me show you.


Product Natural Lighting

Generally speaking, good lighting is key to every great image. Since it was cloudy, we were working with my favorite kind of light. Moody and indirect. I love being able to use natural light because it often makes my job as a photographer a lot easier — this isn’t always the case, but this time I was loving it.

Waterman Ukulele Photoshop

Like I mentioned before, the only lighting I used for these two shots was natural lighting. I went into camera raw and adjusted the contrast, dehaze and texture in a mask on the ukulele to make it stand out since that was my product. Also, can we talk about how perfect of a product the waterproof ukulele is for this cute little waterfall? I thought it was clever.

Outdoor product photography of a waterproof ukulele by Merritt J. Jones

A Waterman ukulele sits on a waterfall in a product photography shoot by Merritt J. Jones

In photoshop I created several layers and applied a couple of different camera raw filters on each. I love the vibrant colors of the moss and the contrast between the clear instrument and nature. I think it really helps the product stick out and separate.


Toilet Paper Product Placement and Photoshop

Everyone laughed when I pulled out the toilet paper for my next product shot, but I’m honestly loving how they turned out. An eco-friendly product deserves a natural, eco-friendly background.

Originally I brought books and journals since this particular brand makes their bathroom tissue from recycled books, so originally I had a roll sitting on top of some I brought, but I didn’t love the ones I had. I decided the ginormous stump I found would make better ground for my product.

This product shot I wasn’t as happy with since it wasn’t as creative of a location, but I’m still pretty happy with it. I went through the same editing process as the Waterman ukulele as far as color went, but I added an extra step. Below is the original image I used for this shot.

Original outdoor product photograph by Merritt J. Jones

Original outdoor product photograph by Merritt J. Jones

The background was darker than I wanted, but increasing the exposure would make the product too bright. In photoshop I created two separate layers and adjusting the exposures accordingly, one for the background and one for the toilet paper. Then I deleted the toilet paper from the top, over-exposed layer so the normally exposed product would appear from behind.

Here is the final image:

Outdoor product photography of toilet paper taken by Merritt J. Jones

Outdoor product photography of toilet paper taken by Merritt J. Jones

Overall, trying out commercial photography with an outdoor twist was a great experience. Great exposure to the commercial photographer world. Next time I’ll combine outdoor elements with high-quality lighting. Something beyond natural lighting.